Time to plan my girl’s weekend!!!


Yesterday morning after posting my daily blog I realized that in less than a week I will be in Paso Robles with friends enjoying a girl’s weekend. Yeah!!

This will be my third girl’s weekend since being a mom. We are averaging one a little over every two years now, not bad. My first trip was to Napa, California to visit wine country. My second trip was to Santa Barbara, California where we did brewery tours, and as I just mentioned this trip will be to Paso Robles and I will be doing another wine tour.

Max, my husband, doesn’t feel comfortable leaving the kids yet to do an overnight or weekend getaway so I take the time to go away with my girlfriends and we always have a good time. As for this location I only knew one thing about Paso Robles from my tour guiding days- that James Dean had a car crash and died in that area. After hearing that Paso Robles would be our next destination I performed a google search and discovered that there are wineries all over the place here (more than 180 to be exact).

It is wonderful wine tasting even though my knowledge of wine is limited; I am a beer drinker at heart. Nevertheless I can never turn down a wine tasting adventure and have been on quite a few over the years…8 or so I would say. That is what happens when you live in California!

So after I realized that I am leaving in four days from today I have finally began to plan an itinerary. Since I was a tour guide I have always had to come up with a rough sketch of what to do. The basics are already in place- babysitters at home, a place to stay, a method of travel to visit wine country, and a dinner venue for both evenings. From there the details are not there.

Here’s what I came up with, not much, but enough to keep me busy!

(A) Since I am driving up north alone (approximately 2 hours north of Santa Barbara) I am going to take the opportunity to visit some more missions that I have never seen. I can see up to 4 if everything goes as planned.

(B) The Firestone Walker Brewery is in Paso Robles. Last trip I visited the Firestone Walker Tap Room in Buellton. Visiting the brewery and eating dinner at the tap room in Paso Robles would be awesome!!

(C) It should be pretty hot this way, much warmer than living one mile from the ocean. There will definitely be some pool time. I will be sure to pack a few swimsuits.

From there on out let’s see what happens. I just know that Friday morning I am driving out of Los Angeles heading up north and so looking forward to the getaway with the girls.

(day 189)


2 thoughts on “Time to plan my girl’s weekend!!!

  1. We just got back from a trip up that way… if you pass thru Los Olivos (which is near the Santa Ines mission!), you can go olive oil tasting along with wine tasting in a cute little downtown shop area! We also tasted honey at Bennett’s Honey Farm off hwy 126 in Fillmore for anyone who is heading to the 101 from the 5 frwy. Have a great time:)

    • Hi Steph, I am so looking forward to getting away for the weekend! Thanks for the tip. I actually am planning on visiting the Santa Ines Mission on the way home as well as Mission La Purisima Concepcion which is apparently 18 miles from the highway!!! Doing a little olive oil tasting would be a nice addition to my itinerary & I know Max can always use some extra olive oil for cooking.

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