At the Laundromat


Last week I had to go to the laundromat to wash our clothes. I had not been in a laundromat for at least 5 years. My kids, who came along on the trip, did not know what a laundromat was. Even when we walked in they were looking around confused. When I took out the quarters to pay they wondered if the money was for parking meters, and of course they wanted some for their wallets too.

Our new place has laundry hook-ups, but we did not have a washer and dryer at the time, and I needed Malina’s uniforms clean for school. So there we were at the laundrymat with the clothes, a portable DVD player, and some money to buy snacks. I have to admit that I enjoyed talking with the other patrons in the laundromat—very nice people.

I can’t say that I would like to return again soon. My kids eventually became bored and were glad when it was time to go. Yesterday our new washer/dryer arrived. No more laundromat for me; well that is once maintenance fixes the leak we discovered when they hooked up the washing machine! I am absolutely amazed at all the small challenges I have faced since relocating; I just take it in stride and keep going.

(day 188)


2 thoughts on “At the Laundromat

  1. Never thought you’d blog about a laundromat but it is interesting how you described what it was like from your children’s perspective. Hope your own washer/dryer glitch gets resolved ASAP!

    • Mia, when you blog everyday all topics are a possibility! A plumber comes out Tuesday- fingers crossed here. Writing this blog I had flashbacks to another time when I used to use laundromat – back in my living in Paris days. I actually ended up having a date with a cute laundromat technician! Funny memories.

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