A Day in Photos- New Orleans

Saint Louis Cathedral
Saint Louis Cathedral

My mom was born in New Orleans so I have been visiting here since I was a little girl. I have visited in the winter, spring and summertime. Each season has so much to offer. I am not the biggest fan of the south as it has a very different feel than that of the midwest where I was born and the west coast where I currently live. I am a fan of New Orleans though, it is a fun city and a little different than other southern cities perhaps due to tourism being so prominent in the city. There is so much to do and experience, and the food is excellent as well.

Visiting during Mardi Gras or the Jazz Festival is a good idea, but during those periods the city is pretty crowded. Taking the trip off season can be beneficial as well so that there are not as many tourists around. I went back into my archives and wanted to share some photos from my last two trips here with my family.

the Mississippi River

Inside the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk (1) view from mall includes the CCC Bridge & the Mississippi River. (2) Mardi Gras store inside the mall

The French Market

the French Quarter

the French Quarter (2)

the French Quarter (3)

the French Quarter (4)

the French Quarter (5)

The French Quarter

on the street car


On a street car & Emeril’s Delmonico’s Restaurant

(day 186)


2 thoughts on “A Day in Photos- New Orleans

  1. Great pics! Especially the first one of the cathedral. It is also nice to see pics of Malina when she was younger. Those beautiful eyes and chubby cheeks! Also, your dad makes the best gumbo I’ve ever had, hands down! šŸ˜€

    • Hi Mia, thanks for the comment. Malina was an adorable baby with those chubby cheeks!! My dad sure did figure out how to make deep south cuisine.. on that note I’m going to take out some frozen red beans and rice that he prepared for me!

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