Break time- a beach visit

beach time

I am going to bring up the topic of my move just one more time. We have been at our new place for a little over two weeks now. Considering how short of a time period this has been we have accomplished a lot. The boxes are dwindling and the place has slowly become our home.

We hired a moving company for the big day. I was packing until the movers arrived and then some. I must thank Mia and Lucie for helping me out in my time of need – I owe you both. I had no idea how much stuff I had until I needed to pack it. I threw out as much as I could, sold some things and gave away more stuff.

Having our utilities set up was a logistical nightmare. I won’t go into the details, but I will say I was on the phone for over 5 hours total with the different companies trying to start service. Additionally one of the technicians spent 2 hours at our place setting up the service. The most important thing is that now we do have a working telephone, internet and cable.

So I have been driving past the beach Monday thru Friday for the past two weeks going to drop the kids off for school and continue on to work. I finally felt accomplished enough in my unpacking to take a trip to the beach with the kids this past weekend.

Our visit to the beach was perfect. We arrived in just 5 minutes to a local beach. The beach was clean, and there were surfers everywhere, and the water was clean. The kids were delighted to be at the beach as was I. I thought we would take a walk and just hang out, but we ended up grabbing the “emergency” swimsuits out of the trunk and swam. The water was a little cold, yes, but it quickly warmed up. After the swim we changed and stayed at the beach a bit longer playing in the sand continuing to enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful setting.

finally beach time!

(day 185)


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