Pancakes for Dinner

yummy pancakes

Guess who was cooking in the kitchen the other day?? Me!!

I am one of the best cooks in my house, the second best to be exact. I have shared some of my challenges of cooking a good meal before. I can cook, although it is usually something very basic and involves the conventional oven. By the way I still never figured out what happened with the cookies that the kids and I shaped over St. Patrick’s Day that came out as blobs! I have moved past this though as my kids’ think that I am one of the best cooks around. They don’t consider the fact that I warm up meals that their dad makes at least 50% of the time. I love having small children.

Anyways, this past Saturday night I had an opportunity to make my first meal in our new place. I have said this before and I will say it again “the one meal that I excel in cooking is breakfast”. Besides that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast, so aren’t I the lucky one? I decided to make my famous Bisquick pancakes for dinner.

After adjusting the heat on the stove, due to the excessive smoke, I was in business and made some fabulous pancakes for the family with a few extras for another meal. Time to admit I was somewhat nervous about setting off the smoke alarm at first, especially since I did not know exactly where the smoke alarm is in our place is! That’s when I turned on the fan, completely opened the windows in the kitchen, and turned down the temperature on the stove.

The pancakes came out perfect, the best ever I believe (must have been the lower temperature). I topped them with butter, syrup and powdered sugar. The kids and I sat down with our pancakes and milk; it was a meal fit for kings and queens. And can I tell you I am loving life & our new home!

(day 183)


8 thoughts on “Pancakes for Dinner

    • I think that Bisquick pancakes are the best! I originally tried to make from scratch and failed miserably. To be truthful I’m not sure what else people use Bisquick for– even on the front of the box there is a pancake. (hence the reason I used Bisquick from the beginning).

  1. Any leftover pancakes? lol. Sounds yummy. I hope you took a pic of the pancakes. You really thought out how to prepare to cook them (how to prevent the smoke alarm from going off). Glad you are happy with the new place!!
    I just might crash your pancake/crepe party. I’ll bring something of course. : )

    • Hi Mia, yes maybe we can make a party out of this — pancakes, crepes and other items to be determined.

      I actually did not think out how to prepare the meal, it just happened when the smoke started to fill the kitchen- I panicked and came up with the right solution- thank goodness!

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