Men in kilts, haggis, and other happenings in Scotland & Wales

guard at Edinburgh Castle

Continuing on my guided tour with the tour company that I worked for I was excited to leave England and enter Scotland. Here are some thoughts and observations from my time here:

Their accents somewhat confused me, but I pretty much understood what was going on. I did notice it was the older generation that had the heavier Scottish English accent.. perhaps this was a coincide.

The unit of currency is also the pound, the Scottish pound and while I noticed that they took English pounds here it was somewhat looked down upon to pay by Scottish pounds in England, interesting. (It’s the same value, both pounds, just different coins/notes depending where the money was minted).

I loved seeing men in kilts, I admit I think it’s sexy! The bagpipes were interesting as well, but not quite my type of music.

I did run into haggis, which is considered by some to be the national dish of Scotland, at a traditional Scottish meal, but couldn’t bring myself to try it out. (FYI: haggis is a dish composed of sheep’s heart , liver and lungs combined with stock, onion, spices and a few other items- just not appealing to me).

man playing bagpipes

With all of this being said I really enjoyed Scotland. My tour guide, who I know I could not duplicate without giving many tours myself, was incredibly knowledgeable about Scotland. History, history, history.. poor Mary Queen of Scots- that lady was dealt a horrible deck of cards and eventually was executed (beheaded). I loved walking around, seeing everyone on the streets and checking out all the historic landmarks. Here is some of what I saw.

The ruins of Holyrood Abbey

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

The Palace of Holyroodhouse

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

My time in Wales was short but memorable. We stayed in the town of Ruthin sleeping in the Ruthin Castle. During our stay we were here we were treated to a traditional dinner and a singing show. The country was very quiet and calm and there a lot of farm animals, both on the green hills and in the town we stayed in.

Looking into my archives I found a postcard that talked about being born Welsh. It said:

To be born Welsh
Is to be born privileged.
Not with a silver spoon
In your mouth,
But music in your blood
And poetry in your soul.

Quoted from Wilfred Wilson

The Welsh Countryside

Downtown Ruthin

Downtown Ruthin (2)

livestock in the hills

I love having such fond memories from seeing such beautiful places, meeting beautiful people, and making beautiful memories.

I was even more lucky to see England, Scotland and Wales on the clock working as a tour guide in my 20’s. I eventually did leave this job a little before working with the company for two years. It was just too crazy waking up never knowing what state, city or country I was in!!

(day 182)

You can follow my time touring the British Isles from the beginning here.


2 thoughts on “Men in kilts, haggis, and other happenings in Scotland & Wales

  1. This blog was so educational! Thank you for that. I love the pics of the castles; even the ruins fascinate me. I think you made a smart choice in passing on the hagis. ;o) I like the quotation by W. Wilson. Beautiful description of Welsh pride. I’m now adding Scotland to my wishlist of countries to visit!

    • Mia, I am glad you liked my educational blog! I had to look up a few facts to write it actually. Scotland is a great place to add to your wish list! And thank you for the note on the spelling error- I have corrected.

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