Tour Guiding Tales- visiting England (continued…)

Ludlow castle- one of the towers

sreets of Ludlow

The town of Ludlow

You can see what I saw from the beginning on my tour of England, Scotland and Wales starting here.

From the Lakes District we continued on to Wales for an evening before heading back to England first visiting the town of Ludlow in Shorpshire England (shire= county in British English/ Shorp County in American English). It was a sleepy town that was very charming. We visited the Ludlow Castle and walked the streets to get a feel of the town. It was not nearly enough time to feel like a local, but from this visit I knew it would be nice to return to this quiet area one day.

Hayden's Wall

We continued on to the town of Bath where we did an overnight stay. The Romans were conquerors; it seems that they went everywhere. On the first part of this tour I saw some of their remnants on Hayden’s Wall which was a defensive fortification. This amazed me because prior to this tour I had no clue that the Romans voyaged to the British Isles. Visiting the town of Bath I saw something else that they built in England, gorgeous Roman Baths, some still completely intact with minimal deterioration since being built.

The Great Bath

Bath Museum

The Great bath is absolutely breathtaking. I could actually imagine the Romans here. I really enjoyed taking it all in. They sure knew how to live it up.

The Abbey of Bath

I also had the opportunity to see the Abbey of Bath while visiting this town.

William Shakespeare Birthplace

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Our tour bus continued on to the Cotswolds in the countryside of England and we landed in Stratford-Upon-Avon. We saw William Shakespeare’s birthplace and I finally actually appreciated his sonnets that I had learned in highschool!! One thing I have learned from travelling over the years is that it has brought to life so many things that I studied as a teenager. I hope that I can take my kids to see more sights while they are young so they can have greater interest in history and the arts.

We also went to see Anne Hathaway’s Cottage; she was William’s wife. The cottage looked like something from a Hollywood film, but it was real.

River Avon

River Avon (2)

I loved seeing the boats on the River Avon and really wished I could have spent more than a night in this charming town.

Somehow 1.5 weeks had passed and we ended up back in London after having seen some beautiful countryside around England. Tomorrow I will continue writing about the British Isles this time focusing on Scotland and Wales. For now I leave you with more sights that I saw in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

signs- which way is??

River Avon (3)

Holy Trinity Church

(day 181)


3 thoughts on “Tour Guiding Tales- visiting England (continued…)

  1. I’m wanting to do a very similar trip in a couple years with my mom, and this has been wonderful inspiration! Thank you so much for the great article and photos!

    • Dear Ashley, I’m glad my blog gave you some ideas for your upcoming trip, and thank you for the compliment. With so much time to plan I’m sure you can put together a great itinerary. Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.

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