Sicker than a dog

my sick kid

This week has zoomed by, and my little guy, Matteo, has been sick the whole time. It started out Sunday evening with a fever. It continued on, and on, and on. Each day I was hopeful that he would go to school and that I would work a full day. Wrong! I decided to take him to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. After Max booked the appointment we were off. I also knew we’d need a doctor note to return to school so the visit was 100% necessary.

Diagnosis: a virus. Treatment: none, just let it run its course.

I saw him throw up twice, sweat beyond belief, but he was always in good spirits, even when he was tired.

he's alive!

Wednesday afternoon things began to improve, the fever broke.. yes! I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday he was almost normal, well enough for some time at the park. Finally he returns to school today after almost a whole week off.

Did I freak out while he was sick? A little bit. So many healthcare professionals were asking me about him and telling me he would be good by Friday that I didn’t stress. I did feel bad that he had to stay inside all week, but he spent some quality one on one time with both mom and dad throughout the day which is always good.

Hopefully we will make it another 1.5 years until he is sick again because I really don’t look forward to Matteo being sicker than a dog again.

(day 179)


2 thoughts on “Sicker than a dog

    • Stacey, thank you! He just was knocked down for 4 straight days and is doing wonderful now. Apparently a group of the kids from school had the same virus.

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