Photo Series: Climbing Trees

climbing 1

A few months back we attended a birthday party at Rustic Canyon Park in Santa Monica. The park is hidden in the canyons of Santa Monica bordering Pacific Palisades and is a very peaceful place. Peaceful, once you leave the parking lot where all the paparazzi are waiting to shoot photographs of celebrity children (I won’t go into my distaste for paparazzi now, but they are a group that I do not like).

Visiting the park I enjoyed all the open spaces, and in particular I loved the trees that children can easily climb. My two little ones could not wait to explore the trees and climb them. Max, my husband, joined in on the action too. I was too busy snapping photos to give it a try, but thinking back now I haven’t climbed a tree in such a long time that next time I better put down the camera and join in too!

climbing 2

climbing 3

climbing 4

climbing 5

climbing 6

climbing 7

climbing 8

climbing 9

climbing 10

climbing 11

(day 175)


4 thoughts on “Photo Series: Climbing Trees

    • Hi Mary, thank you for checking out my blog and commenting. As a working mom I am super busy & enjoy sharing some of our adventures on my blog. You’ll have to email or call for some of the other stories!!

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