The Grilled Cheese Party!

posing with the sign

Packing and unpacking is no fun. I will admit unpacking is much better than packing if I have to pick between the two though! I spent half of the day Friday and a good portion of Saturday packing. The kids and I took a short break on Friday to walk to the store for yogurt and play at the park.

Mia & Tiki

Posing with Mia

counting the votes

Malina helping to count the ballots

We took another break yesterday to attend a good old fashioned backyard party hosted by Rocki & Jason. The party was actually themed and titled “The 5th Annual Grilled Cheese Competition”. There were grills everywhere and people making their favorite versions of the sandwich either in a classic style or a dessert style. After trying a piece of sandwich you could vote on a winner in both categories.

I took advantage of this break to enjoy the kids, catch up with friends, eat a few sandwiches, and have a few beers. It was just what I needed before coming home to the house of boxes still waiting to be unpacked!!

(day 174)


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