Girl’s Night: “The Bachelorette” Premiere

the spread

I was lucky enough to join six “amazing” women this past Monday evening and watch the premiere of the reality television show “The Bachelorette”. It was the beginning of the 9th season of this show and the star is Desiree Hartsock. I have to admit that I struggle finding time for myself to be with other adults (without my kids), so I was quite happy to join the group for the second time. You can read about my first time at a viewing party with this group here. On that evening we watched the finale of the “Bachelor” which is the original reality television show in this reality series.

To summarize the show is about a woman who is looking for love. The producers find 25 eligible men for them to choose from and they go on dates (locally to internationally) until the final week when the bachelorette picks her mate. I admit the odds of this working are not too good, but some couples do make a lifetime commitment. The very first bachorette is the most successful as she is married with two children now; and that was back in 2003.

My friend Lucie and I were the first to arrive to the party. The theme was Memorial Day and there were American flags and American themed paper plates to add to this theme.

turkey sliders

finger sandwiches

preparing dessert

The food was great- turkey sliders cooked by MeeRhan, two types of sandwiches, some side dishes, salad and desserts including “crack” cookies that the group has been eating on and off for the last year or two at the viewing parties. I am not a big chocolate fan, but I had to try one of these addicting cookies and I’ll admit they were good. Being super chewy was the key ingredient for me. Not knowing how to bake well I definitely can appreciate a good cookie!

Ben's wine

Wine was poured to everyone and I was happy to taste the sauvignon blanc wine that is made from Ben’s Envolve Winery. Ben was a former contestant on both “The Bachelor” (2011) and “The Bachelorette” (2012) shows. Not being a wine connoisseur I must say it tasted good and relaxed me even more than I already was having a break from reality (of packing and moving the following day).

happy birthday

At the viewing party we also celebrated MeeRhan’s birthday.

I was a bit tired and quiet throughout the evening since I was exhausted from the full weekend of packing, but I definitely enjoyed being with the group and look forward to the next time I can join them. They meet weekly, but I can only attend occasionally due to family responsibilities.

The Bachelorette show

the American flag

(day 173)


2 thoughts on “Girl’s Night: “The Bachelorette” Premiere

  1. What a fun idea to watch a show like this with a group of friends. Time out with the girls is so important! I’ve watched every Bachelor & Bachelorette season since the beginning (plus weddings, specials and Bachelor Pads). One correction: Ben was a contestant on the 2011 Bachelorette season, followed by Season 16 of the Bachelor when he chose Courtney Robertson, the lying, conniving b–ch! He finally realized she wasn’t the “innocent” he thought she was. Thank goodness. Later she dated Arie the racecar driver runner-up on Emily’s Bachellorette season when she goofed also by picking Jef (with one “f”). What a huge red flag she overlooked when his parents were unavailable to meet her because they were off proselytizing for the Morman church somewhere!

    • Hi Stacey, thanks for the comment. You are a true follower of the “The Bachelor” and the “The Bachelorette”!! We had a great time at the event.. perhaps you can join us one time when I find a chance to attend a viewing party again.

      Thanks for the fact on Ben- yes- of coarse he was on “The Bachelorette” before he could star in his own season as “The Bachelor”. Mixes up facts doing a late night blog is definitely possible.. hehehe.

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