Fun in Hermosa Beach (Southern California)

snack time

Over the weekend I attended the semi-annual “Fiesta Hermosa” with the kids meeting a friend who I have gone to this event with since before I was married. The town of Hermosa Beach is one of a number of small beach towns in the South Bay of Los Angeles. I enjoy going here in the summer to swim in the ocean since it is cleaner than the beach in Santa Monica. I also enjoy the people in this area as they are more laid back than their counterparts on the Westside of Los Angeles where I have lived for the past 10 years.

carnival ride

During the festival people travel from all parts of town to explore the booths which range from crafts, to food, to rides, and everything in between. I usually find a few deals and on this trip I picked up a decoration for the bathroom in the new place. On this particular visit to “Fiesta Hermosa” the kids were particularly involved in almost everything going on…. I think it’s because they are growing up and have more opinions than they have had in the past. Here are a few photos from our day in the South Bay town of Hermosa Beach.

"healthy" snack time

"healthy" snack time (2)

snack time (2)

another age- another stage (1)

Hermosa Beach Pier

The Strand

the prince of the world

(day 172)


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