Boxes, Boxes, Boxes are Everywhere!

boxes everywhere

I’m at day 171 and still blogging without a day of interuption! I can not believe it.. or maybe I am starting to believe it. I have quite a few stories to share in the future on the challenges of moving a family of four this past Tuesday… but for today I leave you with a few photos of the challenge that lays ahead of me…. BOXES, BOXES and more BOXES!

I have had a hard time finding clothes for the kids and I for the past two days and hope to at least have the clothes in drawers for tomorrow. I had to wear flip flops to work yesterday since that was the only pair of shoes available. Our kitchen is a complete mess and I had to pack lunch for Malina for the past two days as well as snacks. Yesterday she ended up with two nutella and bagel sandwiches. That is her favorite meal so told met that she enjoyed eating them at school.

I also still don’t have phone, internet and cable service (to watch the ever so important French Open Grand Slam tennis tourneyment). Blogging daily becomes even more challenging when you don’t have access to the internet at home. I do have water and power and lots of love from my family. That should get us to the weekend when I have time to organize a bit!

nutella sandwich

(day 171)


2 thoughts on “Boxes, Boxes, Boxes are Everywhere!

  1. You’re amazing! I don’t know how you still have time to blog!! I hope you enjoy your new home, once you get all those boxes unpacked! One day at a time….

    • Mary, I was a walking zombie for about a week. Blogging did become super challenging when I did not have internet service in the new place.. but now that we are set up I am connected to the internet again and life is good.

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