Un Jour en Photos- Le Jardin du Luxembourg (Paris)

I love Paris. I love France. I love the Jardin du Luxembourg. It is one of my favorite places to be period. It is a beautiful spot. It is a peaceful place. I love the palace on the grounds. I love the green metal chairs around the park. I love the red clay tennis courts. I love the pond in the middle with the sailboats. I love the flowers. I love strolling here. I love people watching. I love bringing a snack and just relaxing here. I love all of the memories I have created here over the last 15 years. After visiting here for the first time I have always returned to this spot where I did so much soul searching at one point in my life. I have returned with my friends, with my parents, with my husband, and my children- first Malina and eventually with Matteo too. I can’t wait to return and be a part of this park once again.

after entering the park

playing in the park

walking the park

walking in the park (2)

tour eiffel in the distance

posing with the pond

sailboats (1)

sailboats (2)

sailboats (3)

sailboats (4)

(day 169)


2 thoughts on “Un Jour en Photos- Le Jardin du Luxembourg (Paris)

  1. Seems like a magical place. I’ve not visited France or other parts of Europe (only London once) so I rely on books, stories and photos of others like you to form my impressions. We all need a sacred place to visit & re-visit where we can meditate and contemplate our lives. I can understand why this is “your place!” Thank you for sharing it. I particularly like the sailboats – as is straight out of a story book. :0)

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