A rare treasure – the Nutelleria (Bologna)

outside the nutelleria

On my first trip to Bologna with Max (my husband) we discovered a wonderful little place for treats while walking around downtown. It was in a restaurant behind a statue some guy riding a horse. When I asked Max who that was on the statue he said proudly, Guiseppe Garibaldi. Garibaldi was a famous general and politician in the city.

The restaurant was called the Nutelleria and everything in it was made with Nutella (a delicious hazelnut chocolate spread)! Can you say yummy?? Max and I spent time trying out different items on the cheaply priced menu. Everything tasted great.

I don’t know why but we didn’t make our way to the Nutelleria again until summer 2011. Perhaps we were too busy to check it out again on our previous trip, but to our surprise as we approached the Garibaldi statue there was no Nutelleria to be found. It was closed. Our daughter Malina wanted to cry; she is the biggest Nutella freak in our house.

the menu

For now we must rely on either Canadian Nutella in a plastic jar that we buy at the American grocery or Italian Nutella in a glass jar that we buy from the Italian market near the beach. Wherever the Nutella comes from I must say I am glad that I did have the chance to experience the Nutelleria that once thrived in Bologna.

Update: Doing a little research just now I have discovered that the Nutelleria is still alive, just in a smaller reincarnation without a sign. Had I known this we would have found our way here with the kids! So now that I know about the new location I will make sure that we catch a bus downtown to try out the new place next time we are in town!

**see this blog for the current location of the Nutelleria**

(day 167)


6 thoughts on “A rare treasure – the Nutelleria (Bologna)

    • Hi Lucie, I highly recommend trying out the Nutelleria if you are in Bologna. There is also another location in Frankfurt. Good luck & enjoy the meal!

  1. Also, Garibaldi was the one who conducted the unification of Italy! Anyway, what a relief to discover that it is actually still open! I am definetely going there if I ever go to Bologna (I will for sure some time in the future!) 😊

    • Lucrezia- thanks for the history lesson- maybe that’s why Max speaks of Garibaldi so fondly! If you do make it over to Bologna have an extra Nutella treat for me too. It looks like it’s going to be another year or two before we are back in Italy.

  2. I think this place closed (if I read right). Can anyone confirm?
    I really wanted to visit it on my next trip to Europe 😦
    Also there was a Nutelleria in Frankfurt but that also closed.
    Any idea if that will re-open or something?

    • Hi- I know the Nutelleria in Frankfurt is closed, but I’m not sure about the one in Bologna. I’ll send an inquiry out to my sister-in-law, who lives near Bologna and let you know what she relays to me. TBD.

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