Final photos from visiting Spain

Before I completely pack away photo albums from my weeks visiting Spain I would like to share a few more photos from traveling here. Last night surrounded by boxes on all sides I hesitated to tape up all the photo album boxes (there must be at least 10 of them)……..

So before I settle into the reality of the next 4 days of packing until I can’t stand it anymore I will revisit memories back in the late 1990’s when I was in my 20’s living it up in Spain.

Tiled Building

Beautiful tiled building, Barcelona. There are so many beautiful tiles around this country and I like this one.


You can find plenty of tile in Antoni Gaudi’s Park Guell. This selection is from the benches and a ceiling.

Cordoba Mosque

I loved the arches inside of the Mosque–Cathedral of Cordoba. They began to build the mosque in the 600’s. Currently it is a Catholic Christian cathedral although it once was an Islamic mosque.

beautiful garden

The garden at the Alhambra Palace in Granada is beautiful. Once the palace was completed in 889 I can imagine they were close to completion on this project if it was not already done. Visiting here all I wanted to do after taking photos was sit down and meditate, an absolutely peaceful spot.

tile in metro

I took this photo at the metro station (subway) in Madrid. I am a big fan of taking public transportation around a city to experience the city like a local.

Toro de Osborne

Toro de Osborne -The Osborne bull was created in 1956 by Manolo Prieto as part of an advertisement campaign for Brandy de Jerez which the Osborne Sherry Company sold. Later advertising along the highway was banned and the signs were altlered in size, wording on them taken away (from all but 2) and reincarnated as the bull seen here. Presently there are 91 signs around Spain.

(day 165)


2 thoughts on “Final photos from visiting Spain

  1. I’ve been looking for Moorish tile patterns lately and have seen some very similar to those on the benches you photographed. Must’ve been amazing to see the real thing.

    • Jennifer, the Park Guell has some of the most beautiful tiles that you can imagine.. I highly recommend that you check it out if you are ever in Barcelona.

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