Holy Toledo!

Toledo (1)

From a young age I have heard the phrase “Holy Toledo” and I have used it from time to time. Looking online and now quoting from the Urban Dictionary below here is a reference to this phrase that I would like to share:

“On May 25, 1085 Alfonso VI of Castile kicked the Moors out of Toledo, Spain; after which Toledo became one of the great centers of Christian culture. Hence the nickname “Holy Toledo”. It has since evolved into an exclamation exhibiting surprise, probably due to original surprise that a Moor-encrusted place could become Holy”.

In summary “Holy Toledo” refers to something that is amazing beyond belief. When I saw this town located in Spain I truly understood the phrase to its fullest. Perhaps looking at these photos you can begin to feel what I felt and experienced in this amazing town.

Toledo (2)

Toledo (3)

Toledo (4)

Toledo (5)

Toledo (6)

Toledo (7)

(day 164)


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