Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

front seat passenger

Life is super busy right now. It is so busy that I can’t remember half of the things going on; thank goodness for post-its. The center of the chaos is the big move. We move in 7 days and I am not even 25% ready for it. I do have mental lists that I’m working on completing and boxes everywhere – some full, some empty.

One thing I have done in preparation for the move is selling things I no longer need on Craigslist (an online classifieds web-site). It started out with a bike trailer, and then a storage cabinet, a crock-pot (very easy to sell since I don’t know how to cook), a microwave, and then my record player.

My parents bought me that GPX record player sometime in the 1980’s when I was a preteen. I played all my favorite 33 1/3 rpm (revolutions per minute) and 45 rpm records on that player. I spent free time mixing tapes and recording my favorite songs off of the radio. It had some good times back in Indianapolis.

In my 20’s I took a cross country trip with two friends when my parents gave me their old car. I stuffed the car with my friends and all of the belongings I could fit. Not having much space left in the car I found the perfect spot for the record player to make the cross country journey- in the lap of the passenger in the front seat. We made it somehow from Indianapolis to the East Bay of San Francisco.

I played the record player intermittently over the next 10 years ultimately placing it in a cabinet to collect dust. That was until recently when I had a dance party with my kids. I dusted it off and the records came out. I loved their questions asking why my CDs were so big. We discovered that the speakers were no longer in great working condition, and I knew the time had come to get rid of it.

Fast forward to last week and I put up a posting on Craigslist to sell it. Originally I was going to throw it out, but Max said someone might want it. The next day I had a reply and on the following day I went to work with it and the “Pretty in Pink” movie soundtrack so the potential buyer could test it out.

By chance the song we tested the record player out on was “If You Leave” by OMD; how ironic. She ended up buying it for her boyfriend for his birthday. He is a musician into the “retro” look; I had to say, “It’s not retro, it’s just from the ‘80’s”….. am I really that old?!! As I dropped the record player into her trunk a tear welled up in my eye….it was time to say goodbye to an old friend, one that had been through so much of my life. I knew the player was going to a good home so all I could do was smile as I walked away.

After thought: I still have over 150 records waiting for the new stereo I buy at some point in the future & I look forward to another dance party with the kids, this time with a new record player that I hope to pass down to one of them someday.

my gpx record player

(day 161)


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

  1. This was a great blog! Funny and sentimental. You’re a great writer. The part about your friend holding the record player in her lap was sooo funny. :o)

    • Thanks for the compliment Mia. Talking over this event with you yesterday I knew I HAD to document it. You are more than welcome to join the kids and I when we have the dance party listening and grooving to 80’s classics on the new record player when it makes its debut.

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