A Nomination for the Sunshine Award- Awesome!

Sunshine Award

The other week while I was blogging about colleges around Los Angeles as playgrounds I received a most interesting comment from Jennifer Butler Basile nominating me for the Sunshine Award!!! Jennifer’s blog is called Chopping Potatoes. She originally started her blog writing about how she has dealt with handling postpartum depression after the birth of her third child. Her blogs name is a metaphor relating to the challenges she faces (and overcomes) being a mother in this crazy world! Jennifer thank you so much for the nomination! It came at a time when I was wondering what am I doing writing on my blog every day when I can’t even find enough time to relax and take care of all of my daily responsibilities.

Now on to business. Here are the rules that one must abide by when accepting the Sunshine Award:

Rule 1. Post the Sunshine Award logo on your blog.

Rule 2. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers

Rule 3. Announce their nomination in their blog’s comment section

Rule 4. Mention links back to their blog, including a link to the person who nominated you.

Rule 5. Answer the questions. This is designed to help people get to know you better.

Here are my nominations. Congratulations to you all! :

Joe East SF writes a blog about eateries in San Francisco, one of my favorite places to visit.

Ingredients is a blog by lisabay that talks about feeding picky boys and other food adventures she goes on.

Y’r fait beau à los angeles is a blog about adventures that a French couple experiences living in Los Angeles. Please note this blog is written entirely in French.

A (Soon To Be) Working Mum is written by a mom who in addition to a full-time student is a mom of two children. How does she juggle it all? I can’t imagine having to study on top of raising kids.

Maybe you noticed I do not have 10 nominations today. I’m working on adding to this as I continue to follow more blogs. I must say that the more blogs I follow the less time I meet my daily writing challenge, but wow there are there some awesome blogs out there!

And last but not least here are the questions:

1. Favorite Color
I am so into the color BLUE. All shades of blue are wonderful.

2. Favorite Animal
I love giraffes! Whenever I am at the zoo I have track them down. My kids have a gigantic giraffe in their room as well called Spots so I have a dose of giraffes at home as well.

3. Favorite Number
Four- I am not sure where it came from, but I love this number. I am also a fan of the numbers one and seven. Any combination of the three and I am a happy camper.

4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink
I love iced tea. I try to stay away from soda so that always does the trick. I have at least one iced tea a day and if I have time I like to drink hot tea as well…. Usually I don’t have the time!

5. Favorite Alcoholic Drink
Beer is my alcoholic drink of choice. I love it and this has been so since my college days (and perhaps slightly before). I am so looking forward to visiting the Firestone Walker Brewery in Paso Robles soon with my girlfriends!!

6. Facebook or Twitter?
I use Facebook much more than Twitter. Only recently started to use Twitter more to tweet about my blog daily and write a few choice words from time to time.

7. My Passions
Life, loving my family, and travelling.

8. Giving or Receiving Gifts?
I prefer to give gifts and see expressions on the faces of my loved ones and friends when they receive them. I like to receive gifts as well too!

9. Favorite City
I love Paris and I love San Francisco. It’s a little harder to make it to Paris so I count my blessing that I can visit San Francisco once a year usually.

10. Favorite TV Show
I enjoy “The Amazing Race” – reality television and people traveling around the world, two of favorite things.

Jennifer, once again I must thank you for this nomination. It is nice to be validated from time to time that someone likes my blog. When I started blogging I had no clue that anyone would tune into my blog, and now I see I actually have followers, and likes, and comments. It truely is amazing!

(day 160)


6 thoughts on “A Nomination for the Sunshine Award- Awesome!

  1. Congratulations! Lovely post and kudos to you! Thank you very much for your kind words. I love that you think I face and OVERCOME the challenges. It gives me hope that at least someone sees it that way! I’m so glad your nomination came at a time when you really needed it. I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care lately. Maybe your blog gives you that outlet. (That and your upcoming trip to Paso Robles 😉 )

    • Hi Jennifer, yes.. I think you are overcoming the challenges– keep that glass half full. Love the comment about Paso Robles; I am counting down the days until the get away with the girls!!

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