Small Rewards

Matteo on ice

Yesterday I took the kids ice skating as a reward for Matteo. My little man and I have been working on potty training at night for the last few weeks. Knowing that rewards lead to bigger payoffs I told him that if he went 7 nights without an accident I would give him a prize. The prize he requested was ice skating.

After two attempts at the challenge he succeeded! I found the perfect opportunity to bring him to the ice skating rink yesterday and off we went. He was somewhat afraid to go on the ice at first; he actually was terrified. I took the opportunity to become reacquainted with the ice myself taking a quick zoom around the rink. Hey, I haven’t lost my style! When he still was not ready to hit the ice I took his sister Malina around and eventually he was ready. In the end he went around 4 times in a little over an hour period.

While at the rink Matteo requested ice cream and to play video games too. I gladly complied. It was a great afternoon with my kids, just enjoying them and life. His next goal is 14 days without an accident at which point we will be going to Chuck E Cheese pizza parlor for an afternoon of playing games and eating pizza. Secretly I can’t wait for this next reward!!


(day 158)


3 thoughts on “Small Rewards

  1. You’re a wonderful mom, Tiki! You’re always doing something exciting with your kids and enjoying each free day with them! Happy belated Mother’s Day!

    • Mary, thank you for the kind comments. I think I have ants in my pants; I can’t stay still !! I didn’t blog about Mother’s Day – it was a bit of a bust this year- perhaps next year I’ll have something to write about. Happy belated Mother’s Day to you too.

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