Moroccan Mint Tea & the Children of Tangier

Moroccan Rugs

While visiting Spain and Portugal as a tour guide trainee I had the opportunity to take an optional tour to Morocco for the day. It was a teaser trip since you really need to stay in a place for at least a few days to get the real feel, but it was definitely a memorable trip. So one morning we left Marbella taking a ferry across the Straits of Gibraltar to Africa eventually arriving in the Moroccan city of Tangier.

When I think about Tangier two things from this trip come to my mind immediately:

(1) Drinking wonderful Moroccan mint tea
(2) Having young children come up to me on the streets asking in French for pencils and bonbons (candy)

boy with donkey

hanging with the locals

the snake charmer

belly dancer

walking the streets

We had the opportunity walk the streets with a local guide, visit a Moroccan rug shop, talk with a medicine man, and see a belly dancer. I did see more, yes, but I am still remembering those children asking for such simple things. I later learned that the guides from the company I worked for would bring pencils and candies for them every time they visited the town.

a stop sign

the hills of Morocco

I would welcome the chance to visit Morocco again, but Max, who spent years living here as a child, does not want to return. Perhaps the day trip I took so many years ago will be it for this country, but I am sure we will visit the continent of Africa together one day.

(day 158)


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