“Wondering” around Portugal

Cooking fish

Portugal is a beautiful country with wonderful people. I love that it is on the coast with the ocean and beautiful beaches nearby. Visiting with the tour company that I worked for I had the pleasure of a free guided training tour where I took notes and photos everywhere in case I ever returned to lead a group of my own. Unfortunately I never returned to Portugal, but I still have the memories and the photos. What I remember most are the beautiful beaches and people selling fish on the street.

Beginning the journey to Portugal our tour bus drove from Seville (Spain) to Lisbon (Portugal). We spent four nights at a hotel here ending a 15 day tour around Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Having Lisbon as our home base we took day trips around the country. Here are some photos of what I saw.

Amoreira Aqueduct

Amoreira Aqueduct (2)

The Amoreira Aqueduct is 4.5 miles long built over 100 years and still is used to bring water to the town of Elvas.

The church of Sao Pedro

the town of Obidos

the castle of Obidos

the city wall

The medieval town of Obidos has a city wall sourrounding it. We walked around the town and the city wall on a relaxing hike. It was very peaceful.

the beach

the beach (2)

the boardwalk

Nazare is a nice fishing town that we visited one afternoon. I can never get enough of the beach and would love to return here for a few days to enjoy it more.

Batalha Monastery

We visited this Gothic monastery in the town of Batalha.

Cascais Beach

Cascais Beach (2)

Cascais Beach (3)

The tour bus drove to the Costa do Estoril and we visited the beach town of Cascais. If my kids were grown up and I were a millionaire I would consider moving here with Max. Very relaxed, very beautiful.

the town of Sintra

Sintra is a town 22 miles outside of Lisbon located amoung green hills with houses, a medieval castle, and is a spot that has been visited by many including kings, poets and writers.

the streets of Lisbon

Jeronimos' Monastery

Vintage Tram

Stone Monument of Discoveries

There is so much to do and explore in Lisbon. I could definitely spend more time here.

Of all the countries that I have seen in Europe to date this is the one place I really would like to return to with my family. Logistically Portugal is somewhat far from our home base in Europe which is Italy. Visiting again may or may not happen, but I am sure that if we do make it that way with my family Max and the kids would love it- particularly the beach.

(day 154)


5 thoughts on ““Wondering” around Portugal

  1. So many of these images are “other worldly!” I can understand why kings and poets would want to visit. The sculpture of the ship with all the people along the edge is magnificent. The narrow passages between inwardly-leaning buildings are the image I have in my mind of what old Europe looks like (in my imagination). I will not likely visit any of these amazing European destinations you write about. Thank you for allowing me to wonder with you vicariously… Or did you mean to title this entry “Wandering…” ? :0) Either suits the piece well!

    • Stacey, Portugal is a land of wonders I would definitely say. Maybe that is why I like it so much. When I visited here it was more ‘old world’ than ‘new world’. Took note of the wander/wonder debate and added quotes to the title of my post. Peace.

    • Chris, thanks for checking out and commenting on my blog. I just took a look at your blog on the Monastery of Batalha and I must say I loved your perspective. I’m glad that you were not stuck working the whole time you were in town.

      For my readers, check out Chris’ blog for some excellent photos and history of the monastery. He also has a few blogs on Portugal, which I was featuring myself on my blog recently. http://evenmoreseniorbushe.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/batalha-monastery/

      • Thanks. this is such a nice country and Batalha is little more than an hour from lisbon, so a good option for a day trip or one night maybe. Enjoy

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