Fatima, the village of miracles (Portugal)

Fatima (1)

I was fortunate to visit Portugal once when I was a tour guide. Our tour started in Spain and continued here. One of our many stops in Portugal was in the town of Fatima. I first heard about Fatima as a child in Catholic school. The village is known for apparitions (a ghost like image) that occurred in 1917. Three children guarding sheep saw a lady in white who said she was sent by God with a powerful message. The lady reappeared additional times to the children with pilgrims (people journeying to a holy spot for their faith) seeing the last sighting. A cross was erected on this spot and people began to visit this holy location with their own wishes praying to have miracles occur.

I do believe in miracles. I do have a strong faith. Visiting this spot and seeing people arriving to pray and make their petitions was pretty powerful. I have yet to visit Lourdes in France which is another European town where apparitions occurred, but if it is anything like Fatima I look forward to the trip one day.

Fatima (2)

Fatima (3)

Fatima (4)

Fatima (5)

Fatima (6)

(day 153)


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