A Day in Photos- St. Maurice (Switzerland)

St. Maurice

I think back time to time of when my life was so simple. I was much younger working as an “au pair” in St. Maurice, Switzerland. Looking back to those days of living in a small town with less than 4,000 people I smile. At the time it was very challenging since I was coming from living in the large city of Los Angeles. It was also challenging that I could only speak in French because no one spoke English. I did watch cable television though for my dosage of British English on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Romain, the little boy who I looked after, and I spent a lot of time outside. Here are some of the things we saw on a daily basis.


rue des petites-fountains

The town

la chapelle du Scex

La Chapelle du Scex

La Cime de l'Est

La Cime de l’Est

Le Château de St-Maurice

Le Château de St-Maurice

is it wine time?

baby goat

Hiking the local mountains

Fortifications dufour

Fortifications Dufour

The drive from Bologna, Italy (Max’s hometown) to St. Maurice, Switzerland is just over 5 hours. I am hopeful that on our next trip to Italy we can spend a few days in the region of Valais Switzerland visiting St. Maurice, Montreux, and Martigny. All three towns are within 35 minutes from each other by train. Montreux is the “big city” (population 25,000) on Lake Geneva that I would visit for a dose of city life; it truely is a beautiful place. The family that I worked for now live in Martigny which is one town over from St. Maurice.

Romain is no longer a small child, he is in a school studying to become a chef, but I do have my small children and husband who I would love to show around the town where I once lived.

(day 151)


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