Don’t Forget to Breathe


Two days ago I almost had a panic attack. It was crazy! After working hard all morning in the office during the afternoon I began to think way too much.

Lately my job is full of extra stress since my co-worker gave notice. Her last day is early next week and then it will be complete chaos for me for to manage the office alone. Someone new needs to be hired and trained, but first an advertisement for the job needs to be placed by my boss (not yet done). Until someone new is hired I have to manage four students and a group of faculty alone. I have already requested a raise knowing what is coming up. I also applied for another job which may or may not materialize in an interview and job offer. So now I also stress over whether I will receive that phone call to interview.

For the past few months we have been looking for a new place to live on the other side of town. I was stressing over not hearing from the property management company after handing in our application a few days earlier. What is the verdict I was thinking, please call to let us know.

I have been without my weekly babysitter for three weeks now. The kids and I have kept pretty busy with activities, but there is nothing like having a little time to myself. Last week I interviewed a candidate that I really liked. Now I was stressed over reaching her references and her before she might take another position.

For the last month I have begun selling items on Craigslist, an online website that can be used for many things including selling things. At this point I was trying to coordinate with two buyers for two items. You never know if people are serious or flakes and interested buyers.

I vented on everything going on with some friends at work before emailing another friend. She sent an email back saying “Please breathe”. I had to laugh and realize that it could not all be so bad. I emailed back telling her that I was having visions of an old commercial for Calgon bath products. In this commercial the housewife is stressing out over all of her tasks (similar to me) and to relieve all the stress she screams Calgon take me away and is all the sudden in the bathtub relaxing. You can click here to see the commercial on ‘You Tube’.

I replied to my friend’s email saying that I thought breathing was a good idea. After a minute in reflection things began to change. I made a plan to go to the gym after work to think everything over during a workout. What a great decision. As I burned calories on the elliptical watching French television my stress level lowered. And by the evenings end I had sold one of my items on Craigslist and hired a babysitter. Not bad.

Yesterday was even better. I found out that our application was selected for the property we were interested in. I also spent quality time with my kids after an afternoon dentist appointment for one of them.

I know usually things don’t come together this quickly and I still have some things still up in the air, but all I need to keep in mind is don’t forget to breathe.

(day 150)


One thought on “Don’t Forget to Breathe

  1. Thank you for sharing this post with us, You’ve had do much going on in the last few days! I’m glad you got some items resolved. It is such good advice, to just step back and breathe! I’ll remember it when I am multitasking between motherhood, school & work. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

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