Colleges as Playgrounds- UCLA

Bruin Bear (1)

To continue for a second day on the topic of colleges as outdoor playgrounds I must also mention our other favorite university, the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA. UCLA is at least double the size of LMU (Loyola Marymount University) and we like to go in the center of campus to play. This school has more people on the campus, but it is still relatively quiet on the weekends.

Bruin Bear (2)

Bruin Bear (3)

Scotter expert

The kids love to visit the Bruin Bear statue and often we stop for a photo opportunity. There is also a great big hill that the kids ride their scooters down sometimes. Thank goodness I am no longer afraid of them hurting themselves as they do tricks down the hill!

Posing with Bruin Bear

Volleyball match

family photo-ucla

Sports are big at UCLA and I have taken the kids to events ranging from gymnastics to football and volleyball.

Real Madrid

soccer time

One time the kids had a tutoring session on campus and we caught the “Real Madrid” soccer team being escorted from the playing field to the locker room. They practice during the summer on campus. We enjoyed the excitement and energy of the fans who had followed them to UCLA in hopes of catching a glimpse of their favorite players.

Go Bruins!

Go Bruins!

(day 148)


4 thoughts on “Colleges as Playgrounds- UCLA

  1. Yeah!!! That’s my school that I love so much! I have so many memories there from the time I was going there in high school thru university time there and now taking my kids there too! Such a beautiful and open campus!

    • Mary, you are right – UCLA is a beautiful campus. I think it’s great that students are in such a beautiful setting as they study. AND I love that the campus is open so my little ones and I can enjoy the university too!

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