Colleges as Playgrounds – LMU

Exploring the Navity Scene

The kids exploring the nativity scene during the Christmas season

Los Angeles is a city with plenty of colleges. We are lucky to live by two universities that have beautiful campuses to explore. These schools have lots of open spaces and are usually not crowded. What that means for us is that the kids can ride their bikes and scooters around like crazy!

The lion statue

Walking the balance beam

Sacred Heart Chapel

Rolling down the hill- Sacred Heart in Background

Over the years I have learned my way around Loyola Marymount University (LMU) quite well which makes it an excellent playground!

The kids bike break

Group shot- Sacred Heart in Background

From time to time friends join us as we explore LMU. Then we really have some fun. When Owen and Avery join us here my kids ride their bikes and explore like they own the place. We usually bring snacks and take a nice break. That is when the mommies and daddies have time to catch up.

The bookstore

LMU has great sports teams as well. Taking the kids to sporting events is always fun and I love to expose them to all the different sports out there. At LMU the kids have gone to see soccer and basketball. I love to expose Malina and Matteo to colleges, even if it is to play or visit the book stores. It is never to early too start to prepare them for the future.

Foley Pond

Foley Pond (2)

(day 147)


4 thoughts on “Colleges as Playgrounds – LMU

  1. What a beautiful campus! Your kids look super cute, especially at the sports shop, they look like little cheerleaders! You guys know how to have fun!

    • Mary, thanks for commenting today! I have a hard time staying still for too long and the kids have even more energy then I do. Let me know when you’re ready to join us on another outing.. I love that our kids get along so well.

  2. What a great posting today! Your alma mater looks phenomenal in the photos, and Malina and Matteo look super cute! Kathy

    • Kathy, thanks for commenting on my blog! I knew one day I would write about LMU and writing about it brings back great memories from the past and the more recent future exploring campus with the kids.

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