Unconditional love

homemade card

I had a rewarding parent moment this past weekend. Malina, who loves to do art, surprised me with a sweet card entitled ‘Thank you for everything in the world card’. It brought tears to my eyes as I read the inside and the kids immediately said, “Mom why are you crying?” I had to let them know that I thought the card was the best thing ever! (Of note I am a super sensitive person who cries at soap opera weddings, graduations, and just about everything else).

So weeks before Mother’s Day arrives I received the best homemade card EVER from my little princess. By the way the only reason that I know that Mother’s Day is coming is that they are advertising Mother’s Day in the retail world like crazy! I had to look and see when it was because there is so much publicizing going on. In our house Mother’s Day will be about nature and picnicking!

(day 141)


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