The best of Monterey

Cannery Row

Over the last week I have been blogging on and off about our time during spring break in Monterey and Carmel. Before I move up the coast I would like to share a bit more about my time in here with Max, the kids and Lisa’s family!

authenic homes of canners

cannery row brewing company

Cannery Row (2)

The Beach

We spent a nice afternoon on Cannery Row which is where the canning industry was born in 1927. I love all the shops, restaurants, and the beach which was just a few steps away. I really wanted to take a moment to reread ‘Cannery Row’ by John Steinbeck to relive the feeling of those times, but walking the neighborhood I could still feel some of the history.

Le Montmartre French Bakery

Downtown Monterey had a cute little French bakery called Le Montmartre French Bakery with yummy pastries. (Montmarte is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris!) We only were able to visit here once, but we were able to collect quite a few treats.

The Mucky Duck

I walked past The Mucky Duck Restaurant & Bar where I used to meet a friend for dinner and drinks when I was a tour guide staying in town. Such fond memories, and I made new memories at KoKo’s Café- Coffee & Gelato with Lisa and our families too.

Fisherman's Wharf

We made it to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner just before the rain hit. All the restaurants had clam chowder samples on the wharf. I had never seen this before. San Francisco is known for its’ clam chowder, but in Monterey they really show you where the chowder is!!!

Touching a Sea Star

Intereactive Exhibit

A Touching Pool

Feeding show

Last but not least we had a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I have been to many aquariums across the state of California and this one is by far the best. I loved all the interactive exhibits, marine life, environment, and employees. We spent a good four hours here from opening time to early afternoon. I would recommend to visit the aquarium from opening time because there are long lines as the day goes on the lines become long. To avoid lines you can also pay for admission before and skip the lines all together.

Everyone enjoyed our time in Monterey and I had forgotten how much there is to do here. To be truthful there is so much to do that we did not have a chance to do it all. So that means we’ll just have to return at some point while the kids are still young!

The Jellies Experience

(day 138)


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