Pacific Grove Accomodations and Beach Time

the inn

While visiting the Monterey area on spring break we stayed at The Pacific Garden’s Inn. Located in Pacific Grove (one town north of Monterey) it was a nice place to stay. Perks for the inn included a continental breakfast, wine and cheese in the evening, and you could walk to the ocean in just a few minutes! One other nice thing that I liked about our location was that we were really far away from civilization- I spotted deer 3 different times during our two night stay here. Max said the walls were a little on the thin side at the inn, but I was so tired at night that when I went to sleep I heard nothing, as did the kids. I would definitely consider staying here again when we visit the area.

beach time

Lisa and Jack

super Matteo

the kids

We took the short walk to Asilmar State Beach crossing the street and cutting through the Asilmar Conference Grounds after settling into the inn. The path winded down to the ocean and I took the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views. It was a cold day and we were bundled up in winter coats. I actually had on my gloves and could not manage touching the water. The color of the ocean was spectacular. The visit to the beach was memorable and a hightlight of the day.

the Pacific Ocean

walking the path

(day 137)


One thought on “Pacific Grove Accomodations and Beach Time

  1. Hi Tieshka, I’m not sure if my previous comment sent so am trying again, forgive me if you receive two of the same! I just wanted to say how fantastic it was to watch Wimbledon yesterday and to see Andy Murray win, at last, yay! Also to encourage you in your blog, you are doing great! I love it, especially as it reminds me of so many familiar places. We used to live in Paso Robles and we often used to visit Monterey, especially the wonderful Aquarium there. Your blog is like an old friend to me, I love it. Keep it up Tieshka, great job 🙂

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