A Day in Photos- Hiking Point Lobos (Carmel)

During our stay in Monterey we took some time out to enjoy nature by visiting Point Lobos State Natural Reserve which is just south of Monterey in the town of Carmel. It was my first time visiting the spot and I really enjoyed the beauty of what I saw. We took two hiking trails and all the kids had no problems, even Jack who is 3 and quite the walker. Highlights included seeing how beautiful the Pacific Ocean was and spotting whales!

The Big Climb

I climbed up this rock formation to stay with my family. It was a little scary going down, but well worth it.

Entrance to the park

Information Station

Kids Interaction

I liked that they had docents to talk with. We met one at the information center and another docent on our hike who talked about the beautiful whales we briefly saw in the ocean!

Our first trail- sign

Nature walk

Amazing Trees

Lisa & the boys

my family

Max climbing tree

Heading downhill

A beautiful cove

ultimate beauty

I took all the photos above on the first trail. We somehow managed to do a loop and come out at the information stand where we began our nature walk without a trail guide.

Beauty at end of trail 2

I took this shot at the end of our second trail. My first photo on the rocks was also on this trail. I would love to return to Point Lobos sometime and continue to explore the trails. There is a $10USD parking fee if you chose to enter the reserve by car, but you can also park just outside and walk in for free. Having 4 kids parking inside the reserve was the best option, plus the fees go to keeping everything nice for visitors to check out the reserve. Thank you Lisa for bringing us here! I really enjoyed spending time with nature exploring beautiful Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.

(day 134)


2 thoughts on “A Day in Photos- Hiking Point Lobos (Carmel)

    • Stacey, I am glad I helped bring back good memories. I have more to write on Monterey in the near future. Thank you for sharing your stories today and for listening to me vent about some of the challenges I am experiencing as I attempt to continue to blog daily– no matter what responses I receive!

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