Enjoying Happy Hour with the Girls

happy hour (2)

I could not wait for work to be over yesterday. I had plans to meet friends for happy hour after work once my babysitter arrived (it was her last day with us). I don’t frequently attend happy hour due to the busy schedule that I have with my family, but every once in a while I make the time to relax with the girls after work with a drink.

I have been meeting this group of friends every 6 months or so to unwind for the past two years. Once my babysitter arrived I was off. It was a short drive towards the beach to meet up with the group at our newest happy hour spot. I did originally walk into the wrong place, but after walking out found my friends a few buildings over. Oops!

I find it important to spend time away from my family with friends from time to time. Normally I bring my kids with me everywhere, but happy hour is time to catch up with fellow grownups. This happy hour did not disappoint. We were able to talk with each other about what is going on with our lives, talk about our husbands/boyfriends/lack of men, and just relax with a drink.

I am now refueled and ready to take on the weekend with my husband and kids. It will be a jam packed weekend that I now can look forward to after taking some very valuable time off for myself.

happy hour (1)

(day 131)


2 thoughts on “Enjoying Happy Hour with the Girls

    • Stacey, I love my family more than anything, but need that break every once in awhile to be with the girls! Just by chance I enjoy having a beer sometimes too- happy hour is the perfect option.

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