I still can’t get enough of Castiglione Della Pescaia (Italy)

the family beach shot

I still can’t get enough of Castiglione Della Pescaia. It is a beautiful beach town on the Tuscan coast of Italy in the province of Grosetto. My husband Max is Italian so we visit the beach if we vacation in Italy during the summer. I blogged on this beach a little over a month ago and it was one of my most ‘liked’ blogs to date. I have more stories and photos to share so here I go….

beach house- bagno medusa.

The Castle on the Hill

lifeguard tower

The Italian beach in Tuscany is similar to that in Los Angeles in the fact that one beach leads to the next to the next to the next. That is where the similarities end! Two summers ago when we last visited the province of Grosetto Max’s mom booked us a place in the town to be Castiglione Della Pescaia. It is a nice beach town, more upper class than Marina di Grosseto di Mare which is a nearby town that we had stayed at during our last beach vacation. The ‘beach house’ that we walked to from our apartment was called ‘Bagno Medusa’ (after the medusa jellyfish that inhabits the sea). From the beach you could see the castle that overlooks the town if you gazed at the hills.



beach time

Beach toys!

Mirco w/ the Paddle Boat

I absolutely love the Mediterranean Sea! Besides being peaceful (compared to the Pacific Ocean that I frequent here) it is super clean and clear (also different than the polluted Los Angeles area beaches). I did not fear letting the kids have fun swimming around and could not wait to get out each morning for my own morning swim. One time Max’s cousin Mirco rented a paddle boat and we took it out to the boundaries of how far we could go out. Max wanting to join the family swam all the way out to us. I was impressed since I’ve never seen him swim that far!

Time to swim!

I would swim near the rocks shown here running into next to no one on my swim. Max did see a jelly fish once in the water, but luckily I did not see one too.

Dining in town

Backyard dining

Eating meals as a family is a big deal in Italy and unfortunately not such a big deal here in America. I absolutely love sitting down to dinner for an hour catching up on the day and talking about whatever. We had some great meals compliments of Max’s mom who was always cooking for us. One evening we went to town and had a nice meal as well. What did I eat? My favorite of course, wild boar (cinghiale) ragu with pasta! On our last night cousin Mirco cooked a great barbeque meal and we ate in the back yard of the place where he stayed just a few blocks from us.

clothes hanging

a store front

inside a store

Miss Italia

Here are some photos from downtown Castiglione Della Pescaia which was a 15 minute walk from where we stayed. We explored the streets in the afternoon and the evenings. One night they had auditions for Miss Italia; that was fun to watch for a while.

the pizza joint

Next to where we stayed there was a pizzeria. Max would stop by and pick up a pizza or two every day to accompany our meal. The guy who worked there was very nice and we became friend with him after stopping here every day. Here are the kids waiting for our lunchtime pizza.

the circus truck

the circus grounds

The circus was also in town while were staying in Castiglione Della Pescaia. This show was run by the Orfei family. One day when we were waiting to pick up our pizzas a truck for the circus drove by playing loud music. We debated taking the kids to their first circus, but ended up not going since cousin Michela is not a big circus fan which I can understand. We did drive by the circus grounds though so I took a few photos while the kids were taking a nap.

Let’s see if we make it back to the Tuscan coast summer 2014!! For now you can look at my first blog on Castiglione Della Pescaia here if you’d like to revisit the beach now.

My two little loves

(day 129)


4 thoughts on “I still can’t get enough of Castiglione Della Pescaia (Italy)

  1. I love reading and seeing the pictures of your trips! Especially the ones to Italy. I love seeing how the Italians truly live. I need to go there again one day……

    • Steph, we have considered moving abroad a few times- but have always decided against it. Ideally we’d go to Florence since most of the family is there.. I truly believe that Europeans ‘enjoy life’ more then us. We are always soo busy that our time to ‘enjoy’ is limited. Let’s see how things go after our next trip when we meet the newest addition to the family- Max’s nephew..

  2. These are such beautiful pictures of you guys in Italy! I’ve never been to Italy and now I want to visit there just to see these beaches! Thanks for sharing it with us & I especially like the pix of the four of you at the beach!

    • Mary if you do ever end up visiting the beaches in Italy let me know- we can give you pointers! The beach life and the city life are quite different as is if you are in the northern or southern parts of the country. I enjoy it all!

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