The Coachella Music Experience


Over the last week I have been hearing on the radio about a rather large music festival being held in the desert of Southern California. It is called Coachella and is a concert similar to the Woodstock or Lollapaloza festivals. There are bands playing on various stages with tons of activities going on and lots of people everywhere.

I love music and I love concerts. I plan on taking the kids to their first big concert this year. It will be a mellow group for sure, but it will be an official concert experience either at The Greek Theater or The Hollywood Bowl, both of which are outdoor venues that can cater to all age groups. I am so excited to take them to a show!! I went to my first concert at age 11 and they are starting out even younger.

I had the chance to attend Coachella in my late 20’s when it was a one day event. Researching a little I discovered this was the 2nd year of the festival being held and the only year it was a one day event. I don’t think I would have been able to survive the event running any longer! (Currently it is a two weekend event running from Friday – Sunday). Also please note that it is extremely hot in the desert during the month of April when the concert goes on so you really are forced to hydrate.

My girlfriend and I drove out to the Palm Springs area the night before and stayed at a cheap motel that we were able to book online at the last minute. The next morning we woke up and drove 20 minutes east to the Empire Polo Field in Indio (California). It was a crazy experience!! We watched bands play for at least 15 hours. I love my beer, but it was so hot that I had to refresh on water after only a few hours at the event. I still remember hiding out in the tent with techno music for a while to cool off and listening to Jason Bentley jam. He is a famous DJ in Los Angeles. I also remember that at one point my girlfriend and I separated for at least an hour before our paths crossed again (and those were the days before cell phones were as popular as they are now).

The largest bands that were highlighted that day included: Jane’s Addiction, Weezer, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and the Roots. I probably won’t return to Coachella.. my kids will be the next generation of the family to experience the craziness when they are older!! For now I will enjoy hearing some of the highlights on the radio & watch online of the weekend concert in the Southern California desert.

Lili with the masses

My friend Lili with the crowd behind her

Lipstick melting

It was so hot in the desert that April that my lipstick melted!

(day 126)


1 thought on “The Coachella Music Experience

  1. Two groovy girls! Too hot in the desert for my fair skin and delicate constitution though. Therefore I’ve never gone to Coachella. I know I’d dig the music and the whole hippy scene though.

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