I’ve lost another babysitter!

The kids

I have been back from vacation one week now. It was an absolutely fabulous trip to Northern California that I look forward to highlighting moments from it in the near future. Going back to work was challenging, but good since I had that “I just came back from vacation feeling” for the first three days of the week. Thursday evening I had time to myself as my babysitter came over to look after the kids.

I have shared my thoughts in the past about the value of the babysitter in my house. (see I can’t live without a babysitter here) My babysitters become a part of the family, and I seriously could not live without them. So you can imagine my surprise and shock when my current sitter told me the other night that she was just offered a job in New York and will be heading out of Los Angeles in a few weeks.

After she left I immediately posted a want-ad online at the local university saying that I am looking for a sitter. The next thing I wanted to do was have a beer, but I still needed to go to the grocery to restock the refrigerator with miscellaneous items. Instead a took a deep breath and my eyes teared. It can be a long and tiring process to find the right babysitter.

Malina is now 6.5 years old and I have had at least 6 babysitters since her birth. How can this be? Well, one thing I hire college aged students from the university I attended and they move or have to focus on their studies eventually. Meron, my current sitter, has actually been out of college for a few years, but is still young.

In desperation I logged onto a babysitting service sight to check out candidates, but I really don’t feel comfortable hiring from “the real world”. So, I will begin my screening. The first resumes have already started coming in. I will contact around 20 applicants by email to start and interview 3 or 4 for the position. I hope our next sitter will be with us for more than the 7 months that Meron has been in our lives.

Please cross your fingers that I will find someone good soon. I love my little ones, but all parents need a break from their kids from time to time! I hope to find a great babysitter in less than a month. Let’s see what the cards have in store for me.

(day 125)


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