A final reflection on my first voyage abroad


I have had the best time reliving my first experience of traveling outside of North America. Thank you for going along on the ride with me. Before I close my computer on this topic I have a bunch of photos to share.

I also wanted to say that taking a guided tour can be a good thing, really. It was great to have someone in change of my destiny at the age of 21. I was able to have evenings free to explore with my friends from time to time, and I was able to have the conveniences of having my lodging, transportation, and many meals taken care of. I will say I prefer to travel on my own these days, but I am not against organized tours. Heck, I was a tour guide myself for a few years and made life very easy for my travelers and I know that a good tour guide can make a trip beyond incredible enhancing all the wonderful places you chose to visit!

I have quite a bit of the world to explore still. I am not sure when it will happen, but it will one day. Perhaps I better start saving in a money jar for that trip around the world. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy traveling in the wonderful state of California where I live, an occasional trip to New Orleans to see my parents, visiting Indianapolis where I grew up for high school reunions every five years , and family vacations to Hawaii, Italy and France.

I really do enjoy traveling with my family to see everything going on in the world around me. My husband Max also enjoys traveling, and the kids are always up for a car ride or plane trip somewhere. I hope you have the opportunity to explore your states, your countries, and wherever life takes you.

Leaving the U.S.A.


Venus de Milo


Belguim & the Netherlands


Switzerland & Austria



(day 124)


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