Everything ended in Athens

The Acropolis

You can follow my AESU Tour to Europe from the start here.

My tour of Europe ended in the city of Athens. Greece is a beautiful country. I especially enjoyed the historic sights and the people in the capitol city. Everyone was super friendly even though it was hard to communicate with them since I did not speak the language. I remember everything being super cheap too; at one point I went for a bite to eat and it only cost an equivalent of $4.00 (USD).

I also remember the city being highly polluted, more polluted then smoggy and polluted then Los Angeles where I live. There are a lot of people and cars in big cities so that is to be expected. Even if it was a bit dirty here it did not take away from the beauty of the city. I would love to return to both Athens and the Greek Isles one day if my travels lead me here.

My small group of 6 left our larger tour group departing from the Athens Airport. It was a wonderful trip abroad and I had seen and experienced so much. I was definitely a travel junkie from that point on, and I was glad that I shared that travel experience with friends. To this day I still keep in touch with 4 of the girls from that group and a few others that I met on that wonderful trip.

The Acropolis

The Acropolis (4)

(day 123)


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