Enjoying the island life in Greece


You can follow my AESU Tour to Europe from the start here.

I was very excited that the last days of my European tour would be in Greece!! After landing in Patras from the overnight cruise that originated in Italy we took a boat to Poros.

Jumping into the sea

Snack time

Relaxing time

The beach bar

A waterfall

Paddle boat time

View from the sea

The resort where I stayed was called CLUB Aegean. This place was a paradise; it was very peaceful. Two things I remember thinking back was that there was a beachside bar and the wonderful Aegean Sea to swim in each day.

I found shoes!

Night time

One evening we visited the a neighboring island to shop. I bought some very cool leather shoes that I wore that whole summer.

Group Shot

Steph & I

Togo Pose

Posing with Martin

Native Dancers

Our last night in Poros ended with a Greek toga party! It was the best toga party that I have ever been to, and the perfect ending to this part of the trip after spending three nights in the Greek Isles.

(day 122)


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the island life in Greece

    • Jen, it was an awesome trip! I’m glad we still travel together from time to time, even if it’s not all the way to Europe.. one day I hope to blog on our Jamacia trip too!!

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