Bella Italia (Venezia)

A Venice Sunset

You can follow my AESU Tour to Europe from the start here.

The tour continued on from Austria and we traveled to Italy with our first stop being Venice (Venezia). I had visited the Venice Canals in Los Angeles, but it did not even begin to prepare me for Venice, Italy!

The View from the Water Taxi

View 2 from the Water Taxi

We took a water taxi to the main square, Piazza San Marco. I could not stop smiling or taking pictures.

Time for a gondola ride!

On the Gondola Ride

One of the highlights of the visit here was taking a gondola ride with my friends while a gondolier steered his way around the canals singing to us in Italian.

View from the clock tower

View from the clock tower (2)

We later ventured to St. Mark’s Bell Tower (campanile) too for some great aerial views of Venice. I still have a copy of the ticket for this in my photo album. It was soo much cheaper to travel in Europe before the Euro. I’m glad I was able to travel so much in my early 20’s!!!

In front of St. Mark's Church

Stephanie loving Venice

Above are a few more photos from my time exploring Venice.

The Glass Blower

Our tour also included a stop to Murano where the make glass. It was nice to visit the glass-blowing workshop and see how all the beautiful jewelry is made.

I enjoyed walking around the city up and down the stairs connecting the canals. At the end of our two days in this city I was exhausted!! Venice was great Italian city to start off in as my tour crossed Italy. After this experience I could not wait to see the cities of Florence, Rome and Pompeii as we traveled by bus through the country.

I have been extremely lucky to visit Venice two times since this AESU tour. I look forward to returning with Max and the kids hopefully on our next trip to Italy!!

Exhausted after Touring

Chilling out in the hotel after a long day of walking

(day 118)


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