The night I slept in a castle

Haus Austria

You can follow my AESU Tour to Europe from the start here.

From Germany we continued back to wonderful Austria and stayed at AESU’s CLUB Alpina. I had no clue that there are so many beautiful countries in Europe. To this day I have only traveled through Western Europe and have been nothing but amazed at what I have seen.

CLUB Alpina

Here is a photo of me with the spectacular view of the Austrian countryside in the background. I am at complete peace just looking at this.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting (2)

For a little adventure we went white water rafting in a river while staying in Austria too! That was a definite rush.

St. Peter’s Cemetery

Continuing on to a day trip in Salzburg I visited the cemetery that was filmed in “The Sound of Music” where the Von Trapp family was seen by the Nazi’s as they tried to escape the country. You know what? I had to pose in the spot where Liesl saw her old boyfriend!! Having grown up watching the movie it was a lot of fun to visit here. There actually is a “Sound of Music” Tour that you can go on in Salzburg. If I ever return here I will be sure to go! (On a side note, I had the pleasure many years later to see the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont which is Austrian-inspired in homage to this famous family).

Mozart Museum

I also saw where Mozart lived; it now is a museum.

Burg Plankenstein (castle)

The owners

The castle's church

Kitchen of the castle

The day culminated with a night’s stay in an Austrian castle (Burg Plankenstein). We slept in rooms ‘hostel style’ with 4 or 5 beds in each room, but I didn’t mind at all. It was an opportunity to talk with friends through the night. The couple above were the owners of the castle at the time.

My time in Austria was amazing and I hope to visit again one day as it is one of the few countries that I have not been able to return to since this first trip I took abroad.

(day 117)


2 thoughts on “The night I slept in a castle

  1. Austria was definitely a favorite of mine too! I loved that first hotel we stayed in with the farm/barnyard, and the castle experience was amazing! I remember that amazing meal and the fun games we stayed up late playing……gosh, I’d love to go back again. Maybe someday 🙂

    • Hi Steph, the Europe experience can be super expensive with a family. Buying tickets alone are pretty scary. I would definitely suggest trying to visit during the off season. I think in Austria there is so much to do with a family, especially in the outdoors! Good luck… why not add it to your bucket list? And thank you for all the comments while going down memory lane with me.

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