A Swiss Hike

A Swiss Hike

You can follow my AESU Tour to Europe from the start here.

My first hike in Switzerland was on the European tour I took with AESU after college. The views were spectacular! Years later when I lived in St. Maurice (also in Switzerland) we did great hikes around the hills where I lived, but nothing was like this hike. I actually had forgotten how beautiful this hike was until I looked at photos that took me back to this most enjoyable hike.

A Swiss Hike (2)

Friends Enjoying the Hike

(day 115)


4 thoughts on “A Swiss Hike

    • Mary, I wish I had taken more photos of this hike; I posted the best in this blog and my ‘Wordless Wednesday’ blog yesterday.

      I look forward to Malina and Matteo looking at this one day, hopefully wanting to travel around Europe too… perhaps with their Italian cousins.

  1. Ahhh….. good memories! Was this the hike where we had a picnic on top of the mountain?! Again, my memory is so bad about this trip!

    • Steph, check out my blog tomorrow.. the picnic was in Austria. I have been having so much fun going back in time with this blog series- I think I will end it with a bunch of random photos from the tour! TBD. 🙂

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