Losing a friend on the Rhine River Cruise

Cologne Train Station

You can follow my AESU Tour to Europe from the start here.

Germany has good beer, nice cars, castles, the Black Forest , and a lot more to offer. Our tour bus stopped at the beautiful Gothic cathedral of Cologne and we took a walk around the train station of Cologne too. After exploring a few hours here we continued on to the Rhine River for a cruise.

A German Castle

While enjoying drinks we spent a few hours on the Rhine River. There are two things I still remember about the cruise thinking back.

(1) Seeing many castles on the surrounding hills

(2) The group accidently left one of my friends on the boat as it continued on the river. We did not take the river cruise to the end, but met up with the boat at its’ next stop to pick up my girlfriend. Apparently she was taking a restroom break when we all departed.

Knowing what I know now about tour guiding I don’t know how:

a) our tour guide Martin did not do a head count and
b) how my friend’s and I didn’t notice her not on the bus

It was a joke for the next few days of our tour, but eventually we all had other things to think about.

We continued on to the beautiful country of Switzerland and spent all of our time in the German speaking portion of the country. There are four languages spoken in Switzerland and the bills (Swiss Franc, not the Euro) has all four languages on it: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Latin is the language used for all Swiss coins.

The Rhine Falls

We saw the Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall

A Covered Bridge

A Covered Bridge

We toured Lucerne which had beautiful covered wooden bridges, excellent chocolate, and elegant watches. I still have my Bouchard watch from that trip! It is not so easy to maintain though because every time the battery dies I have a hard time replacing it. There were towers everywhere too; I would definitely like to check out this part of Switzerland again, but hope to visit St. Maurice (where I lived in the French part of the country) first.

The Alps

(day 113)


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