Brussels and Amsterdam by tour bus

Posing with a windmill

You can follow my AESU Tour to Europe from the start here.

Manneken-Pis statue

We stopped in Brussels, Belgium visiting the Grand Place Square. It is a medieval square which has the cute little Manneken-Pis statue, and this statue is tons of fun. They dress it up year round in different costumes and it is one of the focal points of the square. While dining in a restaurant I enjoyed an incredibly scrumptious Belgian waffle and a framboise beer. What a combination.. I suppose you have to seize the moment, even if your stomach might not agree.

We continued on to Holland and stayed at CLUB Holland which was a nice property that the company used on the outside of Amsterdam. Holland is a beautiful country. I was excited to visit here and this country did not disappoint me.

One afternoon was spent visiting the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. I was particularly found of the Van Gogh Museum being that he is my favorite post-impressionist painter, well actually he is my favorite painter, ever. I can only dream of visiting the Van Gogh Museum for a third time with Max one day.

Our evening was spent walking through the red light district and dancing in the discoteque.

During my time in Holland I watched wooden shoes being made and visited the city’s largest diamond cutting factory. I also went to a cheese factory and I think I can still smell that cheese! Being a cheese lover I can say I never need to see how it’s made again.

The breakfast room

Our wonderful breakfast room at CLUB Holland

Enjoying a Heineken

Relaxing outside of my room with a Heineken; life is good.

Making Shoes

Checking out how they make wooden shoes

Cheese Making

Inside the cheese factory watching people make cheese; what is that smell?!!


Enjoying a beautiful Dutch sunset

(day 111)


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