Stranded in Paris and other adventures

La Tour Eiffel

You can follow my AESU Tour to Europe from the start here.

After a few days in London our tour bus continued on to Paris. Back in those days the Chunnel was not around so we took a tour bus down to Stonehenge and continued on to a hovercraft to France. Hours later we arrived to the outskirts of Paris.

I had studied French in high school and knew quite a bit about French artists. The city was incredible. I loved the gardens, the people, the musuems, the architecture, the language. I was hooked and from that moment I knew that I had to go back at a later date.

I eventually returned to Paris vacationing by myself and later living in the city for short periods between working in Switzerland and settling in England prior to heading back to the states. One of my favorite things about Paris was communicating with the locals. I believe I was the only one who spoke French in my small group so I would direct the taxi drivers, talk to the store owners, and whatever else we needed to do.

Our Hotel

This is where we stayed in Paris, it’s a chain similar to Holiday Inn in the U.S.

Bateaux Mouches Sign

The Bateaux Mouche is a great way to cruise along the Seine River

The Opera House

Some of the guys on our tour posing in front of the Opera House

I still remember our last night in Paris. I went out with my friends and somehow we did not get on the metro before it closed. We did not have enough money to take a taxi. We met some fellow Americans and our group spent the whole night hanging out with them until the wee hours of the morning. When the first metros started running in the morning we caught one and went back to the suburbs. We made it back just in time for our tour bus before it took off for Belgium.

(day 110)


2 thoughts on “Stranded in Paris and other adventures

  1. Oh my….. I am LOVING this recap! Your memory is so much better than mine about that trip. I love looking at the pictures and remembering what a great trip that was! I had no idea about your night in Paris….. ha! Where was I? I think I was hanging out with Laurie and that other girl Amy from Arizona. Anyway, can’t wait to read the rest to bring back more memories. I wish I would have kept a better record of my trip. I don’t even know where my pictures are. I do remember I left my camera on the bus when we left England and took the boat over to France. Thankfully, Jen had an extra camera that I was able to use for the rest of the trip, but again, I have no idea where those pictures are now!

  2. Hi Steph, that trip was soo much fun. Jen, Kirsti, Julie and I were out too late that night!! I have 3 photo albums of pictures and that is how I remember the trip and blog, flashing back to the past!! I’ll be on this topic for at least another week.

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