London Calling, A Tour of Europe

LAX Airport

While I am away on new adventures with my family this week I thought I would relive my first journey overseas to Europe. At the time I was 21 years old and had only traveled to Canada and Mexico. This was my first super long plane ride and visit to countries with languages I had no understanding of.

We booked an international tour with AESU Tours. The trip was a graduation gift from college that my parents so generously funded. This trip sparked the journeyer in me like no other. Enjoy!

We started out in London. It was the perfect spot as we both speak the same language (even if the accent is hard to understand at times). I had to adjust to people driving on the wrong side of the street and the cold weather, but otherwise all was well. I loved that they all seem to be tea drinkers (I love a hot tea) and that there were pubs with cute names all over the place!

Here is some of what I saw and experienced.

Piccadilly Circus

A Double Decker Bus

Tower Bridge & Tower of London

Posing with a Bobby

An English Phone Booth

Hyde Park

I have returned to London a handful of times since my first trip, but that first trip was probably the best. These days when I make it to England I prefer to visit the English countryside over the busy capitol city of London.

(day 109)


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