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Last night I walked around for 2 ½ hours packing and it was exhausting. First it was laundry, and then it was packing up the bathroom; next was a short break for dinner with the kids. And lastly I had to finish packing my clothes. My feet were hurting and I had so much stuff together that I wondered how much of it I would use! I know you are supposed to pack light. I have always heard this, and have never abided by this rule. I am thinking back to a few moments in the past that my suitcase was overstuffed that make me laugh now.

(1) In college I went on a retreat in the mountains of Malibu for the weekend. I was the only one who packed a suitcase, and let me tell you it was full.

(2) When we went to Maui to get married my suitcase was over the weight maximum both ways. The nice people at the airlines waived the fee both times; probably thought it was nice that I was getting married and going on my honeymoon. And give me some slack, if you can’t have your bags overstuffed when you’re getting married then when can you??

(3) When I moved to Europe to become an ‘au pair’ I had so much stuff other than a overstuffed suitcase that my friend and I were overjoyed when a stranger offered to help us get on the RER (underground train)! He even helped us depart from the station to above ground. My suitcase felt the pain and one of the wheels broke. I dragged that thing down Boulevard Port Royal in Paris leaving a big black mark on the sidewalk.

So after saying all of this I will go back and remove some items, even two or three things help a little bit. Since we will travel by car instead of plane I have items everywhere waiting for a spot in the car. Looking around I can count four bags including suitcases, 3 pairs of hiking shoes, one car seat, and a pair of flip flops. I can’t travel anywhere without the flip flops; even in the winter weather of Northern California. I should return with less since I have lots of Easter goodies to drop off up north.

In concluision for today I wish you all a happy Easter a few days early!

My blog for the next week or so will be about a group tour I took of Europe when I graduated from college. I had a lot of fun putting it together and look forward to sharing the memories with you. Cheers!

(day 108)


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