An award for my blog, are you serious?? (The Liebster Award)

liebster award

After publishing my blog two days ago I received a nomination for the Liebster Award from Sherri. I was shocked at the nomination and flattered that she found my blog worthy of this award.

Later in the evening I had time to read up on what exactly the Liebster Award is and thought it was a great idea! It is an award that originated in Germany to help new bloggers become recognized. Well I must say I love being recognized for my work, and I want others to be recognized as well as they mike their mark in the world of blogging!

Before I continue on fulfilling the requirement necessary to accept the Liebster Award I would like to tell you all a bit about Sherri. Sherri is from England, and is mother of 3, who has faced many challenges in her life, but has done her best to overcome them. She spent 17 years living in California, raising her kids, but eventually relocated back to England. She has a passion for writing and started her blog to follow this lifelong ambition. The name of her blog, A View From My Summerhouse, is inspired from memories of enjoying a summerhouse that her grandparents owned. She now has a summerhouse of her own and uses this space to write. Sherri, thank you so much for the nomination. I wish you the best of luck with writing your blog and all that comes your way.

Now on to the rules

The important thing is to post the award on your blog

Next, the other really important thing is to thank the blogger presenting you with this award and provide a link back to their blog

You then need to write 11 random facts about yourself

One good turn deserves another, meaning, you then need to find 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers who you think are deserving of the award so that you can then nominate them! In other words, keep the love going

Finally, the award presenter will ask 11 questions of you which you need to answer and then you, in turn, ask your nominees 11 questions, and so it goes.

Here are 11 random facts about me

I can’t stand eating almost all green vegetables

I am a morning person waking up before 7:00am for as long as I can remember

I applied to 8 universities when I finished high school (and was accepted to 6 of them)

When I had my daughter Malina I struggled with breastfeeding so much that I almost gave up; but I didn’t since I’m not a quitter. It worked out in the end and had no issues with my second child Matteo.

My husband Max and I met when we were next door neighbors

I have had 19 jobs since I first started working (I have been at the last two for the last 11 years)

I value friendship more than almost anything and still have a handful of friends that I have known since I was 2 years old

One of my dreams is to travel to Thailland

My husband has never read my blog

If I could swim every day I would!

My favorite bands are U2 and The BareNaked Ladies

The bloggers that I nominate for the Liebster Award are below.

Congratulations to you all! I hope you accept my nomination.


Sorrento Moon


My 3 Monsters

I currently follow and know of only a limited number of bloggers (most of whom have over 200 followers). I am asking you, my followers to suggest other new bloggers that you think are worthy of this award. (I also wonder why they changed the rules for the number of nominees from 3 to 11!!)

Spending all my time working, parenting and blogging I just haven’t had time to locate all the new bloggers out there! Please comment if you have any suggestions and I can check out and nominate other new bloggers that way! Thanks.

Now on to answering the questions posed by Sherri

1. How long did you think about starting a blog before you actually did it? The second I thought about blogging I began. I read about blogging while doing internet research, closed the website and registered for a WordPress account. I love to just jump into things without thinking.

2. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would do? Take a trip around the world (after paying off all my debts).

3. Who do you most admire? My parents, they have done so much for me and my brothers

4. If you could have any car what would it be? A Volvo station wagon. My next car will be a station wagon, but probably a VW!

5. What is your favourite flower? I don’t know too much about flowers, but roses are always beautiful.

6. What is your favourite all-time movie? This is a hard one, but one flick that I enjoy is ‘When Harry Met Sally’, so funny but still all about love.

7. What was your worst subject in school? Chemistry

8. Of all the books you’ve read, which has had the most impact? The Diary of Anne Frank

9. Have you ever seen a ghost? No

10. What is your favourite dessert? Ice cream

11. If a movie was made about your life which actor would play you? Viola Davis

And lastly here are the 11 questions for my nominees for the Liebster Award

1. How many siblings do you have, or are you an only child?

2. What is your favorite vacation spot?

3. Are you afraid of heights?

4. Can you swim for at least half a mile?

5. Which blog have you enjoyed writing most (topic)?

6. What two foods do you detest?

7. . What is your favorite sport?

8. Would you rather wash dishes or take out the trash?

9. Have you ever traveled outside of the country you live in?

10. What is your favorite cartoon (or used to be when you were a child)?

11. Do you prefer to use a PC or Mac computer?

To my nominees, I hope that you accept my nomination and have as much fun completing the requirements for acceptance as I did! Congratulations to you all!! Tieshka

(day 104)


4 thoughts on “An award for my blog, are you serious?? (The Liebster Award)

  1. Loved reading all your answers and thanks so much for your lovely words about my blog – many congratulations again Tieshka and may your blog go from strength to strength 🙂

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