Trying to avoid the unavoidable, exercising!

pool time

I am always busy. My time to rest is bed time, and even then my little ones come to me while I sleep. I have been so busy that I have managed to neglect one thing that I desperately need to do, exercise!

From October to now the amount of time that I have spent exercising has gone from 3 consistant days a week to possibly 1 or 2 times a week. Those days are when I go walking around the college campus where I work or play tennis with a friend.

Being a swimmer I enjoyed lap swimming every Saturday since I was married (we’re at the 9 year mark now) until recently when I cancelled my family gym membership. When I cancelled it I replaced it with an individual membership at another gym. I do not use this membership half as much as the previous one, but I do have a membership.

This week something great happened, I motivated myself to go to the gym twice to do cardio. It is a beginning and we all have to start somewhere. The weather has finally started feeling a bit like spring, and now I can swim at an outside pool in addition to the other options available to me. This should help me reach 3 days of exercising each week.

I have lost my passion to exercise, and although I am not inspired to return to the pattern I once had I will challenge myself to get out there more, have fun with it, and move! Beach walks, swimming, tennis, and some cardio, now that is a good pattern. I only hope I can maintain it.

I blog today to on this topic to put it all in writing; isn’t that supposed to hold you accountable for something?? If you have any suggestions on what I can do to get that urge to love to exercise again please let me know!! I really do need to lose some of those extra pounds that came from who knows where!

(day 103)


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