Southern California Sunsets

Santa Monica Sunsets

Here is a sunset that the kids and I saw after a bike ride at the beach last month. We returned to the beach for some family time with Max in the evening two weeeks later. Although we did not plan it the timing was just right to see the sun go down again. I am lucky to have seen two sunsets so far at the beach in 2013. I will have to make a mental note to head that way more often in the evening!

The playground

We started by playing on the playground. In the town of Santa Monica there are three or four parks next to the beach to choose from and we decided on the one near the pier.

The Santa Monica Pier

Walking to the pier

Noticing that the sun was about to set I hurried everyone to the pier so that we could see the sun before it set on the ocean. The kids had many questions for us including why does the sun set like that? Why is it becoming dark? Where are all the colors coming from? It amazes me all the questions that they come up with!

Family view of the sunset

We made it just in time to catch the final minutes before it went to sleep. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the next one!

Leaving the pier

(day 102)


2 thoughts on “Southern California Sunsets

    • Dear sherrimatt, thank you for checking out my blog, commenting, and the nomination. I have heard of the Leibster Award and will definitely check out the requirements.

      Raising kids in LA has been fun (and sometimes challenging), but for sure there is always something to do!!

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