Amazed by the LA Marathon (Los Angeles)

The Los Angeles Marathon

This past Sunday was the LA Marathon. They have changed the route in the last 5 years or so and now it goes relatively close to where we live. After waking up, eating breakfast and dressing the kids we headed out on the streets of LA with folding chairs, warm clothes, snacks, and water.

The kids with the DJ

We were greeted by the DJ and techno music as we made our way to the main street. Loving to be in the center of the action we joined the dance party across the street. Malina and Matteo have some smooth moves. I even did a little dancing when he spinned “Thrift Shop”. After listening to our first song we saw our first wheelchair division participants. They leave first, then the women, and then the men. We were early enough to see the first runners by foot and some of the wheelchair division participants too.

Helping those in need

Just moments after settling in our chairs one of the wheelchair participants had some mechanical issues. Someone quickly moved from the small crowd watching on the side of the road to help that person. Another wheelchair participant stopped too. I was happy when they were back on the road again. This was not the first act of kindness that I saw that morning from an Angeleno.

The sun

The helicopter above

The first female runner

The first male runners

Soon the first runners arrived with police escorts and a helicopter above. Looking up I noticed the sun covered by the clouds. The morning started out with cold all overcast and eventually warmed up some by the time we left. The men soon followed.

A runner with a cramp

The runner is up

About 30 minutes later I looked down the road and saw a runner on the ground with a cramp. Another onlooker made his way over and helped him stretch. I love how the community gets involved and supports the runners. The group with the DJ was there to support runners from their temple and when they came running by the group went wild.

After two hours we needed to go home, but there was one small problem. We were camped out on the wrong side of the street since I had originally placed us near the DJ and the action earlier in the morning. We packed up our stuff and headed over to the edge of the road. When there was a slight break, and I mean slight, I held hands with the kids and guided them across the street. We made it! We stayed another 20 minutes or so watching the runners, watching the crowd, and I continued to be in awe.

The amazing runners

I have no clue how these runners do it for just over 26 miles. My dad and sister-in-law run marathons too, so kudos to them, and all the runners out there. It absolutely amazes me and does nothing less than inspire me.

The kids and I at the marathon

(day 101)


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